Can you identify the District Magistrate (DM) and Superintendent of Police (SP) of your district by sight? In Gopalganj, their unmistakable presence—Dr. Nawal Kishor Sir and Shri Swarn Prabhat Sir—serves as the cornerstone of our district's leadership, surpassing all expectations.


The aspiration to become an IAS or IPS officer remains a shared ambition for millions. Annually, countless students prepare rigorously for the UPSC exam, aiming for these esteemed roles. However, only a mere 0.1% successfully enter these coveted positions due to the stringent selection process. Drawing from my experience as an international youth representative for India at the United Nations, along with working closely with IAS and IPS officers at various levels, I am compelled to share insights through this blog. It's imperative to understand that the journey of becoming an IAS or IPS officer is just the beginning, with the responsibilities and challenges of these roles far surpassing the examination itself.


Frequently, the pursuit of UPSC is driven by parental aspirations rather than individual ambition. However, exemplary leaders like Dr. Nawal Kishor Sir and Shri Swarn Prabhat Sir have transcended conventional expectations. These pragmatic leaders, often visible on the ground, actively engage with citizens, ensuring law and order and addressing community issues directly. For instance, DM Sir initiated "Gopalganj Ka Gaurav," a transformative endeavor facilitated by a dedicated mobile app and website. This initiative significantly enhanced connectivity with individuals outside the district, eager to contribute to their hometown. The overwhelming response witnessed numerous individuals rallying to support Gopalganj's progress.


Additionally, DM Sir spearheads "Jan Samvad - Public Dialog," an admirable effort addressing diverse district issues while meticulously executing government schemes. Simultaneously, SP Sir handles intricate cases with impressive efficiency, leveraging modern technology like Zoom meetings to collaborate with entities beyond the district's confines, ensuring swift action against criminals to diminish crime rates. Under his stewardship, we developed the Gopalganj Police website and mobile app, equipped with a sophisticated investigation system, boasting the world's fastest SOS system, along with an array of features catering to both citizens and officers alike.


Looking ahead, successful candidates and those who aspire can mirror the exemplary contributions of leaders like Dr. Nawal Kishor Sir and Shri Swarn Prabhat Sir. These individuals are redefining our district's leadership, setting a paradigm for progressive governance.


As a technocrat guiding my team at Yantriksh, I take immense pride in our technology's role in supporting district administration and police operations. However, our achievements owe a great deal to the collaborative support and innovative leadership of IAS and IPS officers, particularly figures like Dr. Nawal Kishor Sir and Shri Swarn Prabhat Sir.


Aspiring to be IAS or IPS officer marks merely the beginning of an arduous journey. Emulating the dedication and transformative impact of leaders like Dr. Nawal Kishor Sir and Shri Swarn Prabhat Sir stands as the testament to shaping a brighter future for our districts and our nation. Their commitment sets a remarkable precedent, inspiring us all to contribute significantly to society.